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"Granifinas, Exploração de Pedreiras, LDA." is a company that mainly focus on the extraction and processing of the Ponte de Lima Granite.

The main goal is to grant its customers the highest quality material available on the sector, while respecting all the European standards of quality and satisfaction. We are experts in providing the best product at the best price on the actual market. We work everyday in order to fulfill these goals and see the total satisfaction of our clients. Thus we intend for our Ponte de Lima’s granite to be renowed as the world’s best.
Founded on 2 of August of 1996, the “Granifinas, Exploraçao de Pedreiras, LDA.” started its activity following the same pattern found in the vast majority of companies in the extrative sector. With a small warehouse, in which its managing partners promoted their activity, the Granifinas started growing, always keeping the values ​​of humbleness and hard work to succeed in this competitive environment.
About 2 years later, Granifinas moved to their current facilities, where it keept evolving, inovating and dinamizing itself to a never seen before point. At this time it was the first Ponte de Lima’s granite extracting company to achieve an international proportion. With this exponential growth and the need to explore new markets, came the necessity to certify its processes and verify its quality. Therefore, in April of 2010, Granifinas became the first Viana do Castelo’s granite exploitation company to be certified in a national level.
We are also proud to be responsible of the registering of Ponte de Lima’s granite as “Pedra Natural com denominação de origem”.
The most direct way of business internationalization of a company is through exports. This does not carry a large investment as other strategies, but no longer requires making logistic decisions, particularly regarding transport and distribution of products.
Granifinas currently exports about 30% of its production, with the target markets being France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Angola, Mozambique and Corsica.
Responsible and Trustworthy

Pictures of our facilities in Presa, Arcozelo, Ponte de Lima.

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Nota Legal: Em cumprimento da Lei nº 144/2015 informamos os estimados consumidores que celebramos a convenção de Arbitragem ao consumo na modalidade de adesão plena e que em caso de litígio, dispomos de meios alternativos de resolução de litígios nomeadamente o CIAB – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Consumo (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo) com moradas em Avenida Rocha Paris, nº 103 – 4900-394 VIANA DO CASTELO e Rua D. Afonso Henriques, nº1 – 4700-030 BRAGA e com sitio eletrónico em

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GPS: 41º48'8.01"N 8º36'12.542"W

Lugar da Preza - Arcozelo
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